Whether you are buying a new home, selling your existing one, making an investment, or having concerns/issues, RODI SERVICES will provide you with the most comprehensive, thorough and professional inspection and property management in the industry.

RODI should be your FIRST and ONLY choice.

If your property representative does not recommend Rodi Services LLC do they have your best interest in mind? We work for you and only you! We are not there to help sell you the property, but only to give our professional inspection/ evaluation for what is potentially your biggest investment you will ever make. At Rodi Services, we have a unique combination of experience, education and knowledge that will protect your investment and transaction.


Residential Inspections
We offer a complete, detailed and comprehensive home inspection conducting a non-invasive visual evaluation of accessible areas of your home/building, which include: Foundations; crawl areas; grading, drainage; roofing; attic, ventilation and insulation; framing and structure; interior walls, floor; exterior siding, windows, door; decks, patios, walkways; fireplace, chimney; electrical system; HVAC; plumbing; water

Pre-Listing Inspections
This service is for homeowners or building owners looking to sell. The pre-inspection can help identify deficiencies in a home/building prior to a buyer’s inspection. This will make it possible to correct issues that may reduce your home or buildings value before listing

Commercial Inspections
We provide a detailed and comprehensive inspection of commercial properties by conducting an extensive visual examination of accessible components of the building. Our professional findings are reported in a thorough inspection report so that you may better weigh your risks.

Wood-Destroying Organisms/Termites/Pests Inspection
RODI Services have performed over 5,000 inspections pertaining to wood destroying insects and structural pests. We are highly skilled to locate termites, carpenter ants, powder post beetles and wood borers. We provide you with detailed recommendations on the extent of the infestations. We also can provide a full pest inspection/ management that will include the evaluation of possible troublesome pests, such as rodents, bed bugs, roaches, fleas and pantry pests.

Mold Inspections/Assessments indoor air quality testing
Mold can be an indoor air quality issue to you, your family or employees. Mold is a potential health issue and only a trained inspector can spot and expose mold issues within your home or building. We perform air quality and bulk sampling for most indoor air quality problems through a certified lab that brings you the most professional report in the industry. We are licensed and certified to perform mold assessment and inspections. Micro certified NYS licensed.


Structural Repairs
We provide service to perform structural management, repairs to termite, wood destroying damage, foundation cracks and failures; structural framing problems; flashing and water issues.

Mold Remediation/Restoration
As licensed mold remediation contractor and licensed mold remediation supervisor we perform all mold remediation project management. We also perform management for restoration and cleanup protocols for Biohazards for large and small projects. Our detailed remediation protocol plans are detailed, accurate and properly get the job done right.

Pest Management
We provide services for all pest management projects from consulting, inspecting to project management. Our management skills will detail and solve any pest problem with protection for your family and the environment in mind.


Mark Rodi is the licensed (home)inspector, NYS home inspection instructor, Mold inspector, Mold remediation supervisor, Pest inspector of Rodi Services. He has been in the business for over 3 decades, having performed over 5,000 inspections from home to building, mold, termites, radon and pests. His experience began with performing home, pest, mold inspections for his father, Paul Rodi, P.E. and brother Bart Rodi, P.E., over 30 years ago.

EDUCATION: Mark holds college degrees in Building Construction Engineering (BCET)/ Construction Management (CM): Associate/Bachelors (SUNY). He is licensed in Home Inspections, Termites, Mold, NYSDOS, NYSDEC, NYSDOL, with extensive experience and holds certificates from Perdue University in Wood Destroying Organisms, Urban Pest Management and Vector Disease Borne CDC, MICRO (mold inspection, consulting and remediation organization).